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About Us

The Madras Development Society (MDS) was founded in 1981 in Chennai by Dr. V.R.S. Sampath and a group of individuals interested in public and social activities.

MDS' primary objective was to be an instrument of change in the society through creating awareness in various social issues, political issues, community development, human rights, environmental issues and welfare programs. The Madras Development Society used to organize seminars, workshops, training programs, conferences on the above subjects and also bring publications on various public issues.

Dr. V.R.S. Sampath, founder and promoter of MDS is an advocate and noted social activist. Dr. V.R.S. Sampath has been a prominent person in the field of legal, educational, social and cultural and human rights in Chennai, India for the past thirty years.

Madras Development Society (MDS) was started with the primary aim of aiding the community in various developmental issues. This objective is realised through social service - focussed to create awareness and provide top class professional trainings and programs on various social issues for the betterment of the society.

Aims & Objectives

To concentrate fully on sustainable development in every field of human life and global issues
To organise human rights programs and support human rights principles in general
To provide environmental and pollution control methods education to the society
To organise training programs on conflict resolution - for professionals and NGOs - for betterment of the society
To provide training for disaster management
To organise regular programs on governance
To enlighten the enthusiasts about varied sources of aid from the government and private sectors
To motivate persons, individually or as a group to experience a feeling of involvement
To initiate co-operative and communal development
To extend educational opportunities and train skills concerned with individual progress
To compile, organise and distribute educational materials related to their vocation
To guide and counsel our young persons towards a successful choice of career
To give legal aid to the poor and needy people
To provide legal education through peoples' language
To start national school of legal studies and peace studies
To orgnize seminar conference on regular basis on development issues


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